ROUTE 303 - Hickam - Airport - Kalihi Transit Center     Effective 8/21/22
SATURDAY:  To Kalihi Transit Center SATURDAY:  To Daniel K. Inouye International Airport/Hickam AFB
Eastbound Destination Sign: 303 KALIHI TRANSIT CENTER Westbound Destination Sign: 303 AIRPORT - HICKAM
Hickam Kuntz Rodgers Daniel K. Inouye Kalihi Kalihi Daniel K. Inouye Nimitz Kuntz Hickam
AMC Terminal Gate Nimitz Int'l Airport Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Int'l Airport Rodgers Mauka Gate AMC Terminal
(#934) (#968) (#912) (#913) (#4523) (#4523) (#913) (#470) (#920) (#934)
640a 652a 655a 657a 706a 615a 621a 626a 630a 640a
720a 732a 735a 737a 747a 650a 656a 701a 705a 715a
800a 812a 815a 817a 827a 730a 736a 741a 745a 756a
840a 852a 855a 857a 907a 810a 816a 821a 825a 836a
920a 932a 935a 937a 947a 850a 856a 901a 905a 916a
1000a 1012a 1015a 1018a 1028a 930a 936a 942a 946a 957a
1040a 1052a 1055a 1058a 1108a 1010a 1016a 1022a 1026a 1037a
1120a 1132a 1135a 1138a 1148a 1050a 1056a 1102a 1106a 1117a
1200p 1212p 1215p 1218p 1228p 1130a 1136a 1143a 1147a 1158a
1240p 1252p 1255p 1258p 108p 1210p 1216p 1223p 1227p 1238p
120p 132p 135p 138p 148p 1250p 1256p 103p 107p 118p
200p 212p 215p 218p 228p 130p 136p 143p 147p 158p
240p 252p 255p 258p 308p 210p 216p 223p 227p 238p
320p 332p 335p 338p 348p 250p 256p 303p 307p 318p
400p 412p 416p 418p 428p 330p 336p 343p 347p 358p
440p 452p 456p 458p 508p 410p 416p 422p 426p 437p
520p 531p 534p 536p 546p 450p 456p 502p 506p 517p
600p 611p 614p 616p 626p 530p 536p 542p 546p 557p
640p 651p 654p 656p 706p 610p 616p 622p 625p 636p
720p 731p 734p 736p 746p 650p 656p 702p 706p 717p
730p 736p 742p 746p 757p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.