ROUTE 303 - Hickam - Airport - Kalihi Transit Center     Effective 8/21/22
STATE HOLIDAY:  To Kalihi Transit Center STATE HOLIDAY:  To Daniel K. Inouye International Airport/Hickam AFB
Eastbound Destination Sign: 303 KALIHI TRANSIT CENTER Westbound Destination Sign: 303 AIRPORT - HICKAM
Hickam Kuntz Rodgers Daniel K. Inouye Kalihi Kalihi Daniel K. Inouye Nimitz Kuntz Hickam
AMC Terminal Gate Nimitz Int'l Airport Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Int'l Airport Rodgers Mauka Gate AMC Terminal
(#934) (#968) (#912) (#913) (#4523) (#4523) (#913) (#470) (#920) (#934)
..... ..... ..... 446a 456a 440a 446a ..... ..... .....
602a 614a 617a 619a 629a 528a 534a 540a 546a 600a
630a 642a 645a 647a 657a 550a 556a 602a 607a 621a
708a 720a 723a 725a 738a 630a 636a 642a 647a 701a
748a 800a 803a 806a 821a 710a 716a 722a 727a 741a
828a 840a 843a 846a 856a 750a 756a 802a 807a 821a
908a 920a 923a 926a 936a 830a 836a 842a 847a 901a
948a 1000a 1003a 1006a 1016a 910a 916a 922a 927a 941a
1028a 1040a 1043a 1046a 1056a 950a 956a 1002a 1006a 1020a
1108a 1120a 1123a 1127a 1137a 1030a 1036a 1043a 1047a 1101a
1148a 1200p 1203p 1206p 1216p 1110a 1116a 1124a 1128a 1142a
1228p 1240p 1243p 1246p 1256p 1150a 1156a 1204p 1208p 1222p
108p 120p 124p 127p 137p 1230p 1236p 1244p 1248p 102p
148p 200p 204p 207p 217p 110p 116p 124p 128p 142p
228p 240p 244p 247p 257p 150p 156p 204p 208p 222p
308p 320p 324p 327p 337p 230p 236p 244p 248p 302p
348p 400p 404p 407p 417p 310p 318p 324p 328p 342p
430p 442p 446p 449p 459p 350p 358p 404p 409p 423p
515p 527p 530p 532p 542p 430p 440p 446p 451p 505p
555p 606p 609p 611p 621p 510p 520p 525p 530p 544p
630p 641p 644p 646p 656p 550p 600p 606p 610p 624p
710p 721p 724p 726p 736p 630p 638p 644p 648p 701p
740p 751p 754p 756p 806p 710p 716p 721p 725p 735p
750p 756p 801p 805p 815p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.