ROUTE 102 - MAIKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU     Effective 6/2/24
SATURDAY:  Eastbound to Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Sign:  102 ALA MOANA CENTER
Nehoa Keeaumoku Keeaumoku Ala Moana
Lewalani Wilder King Center
(#2094) (#4692) (#818) (#760)
708a 713a 717a 722a
741a 746a 750a 755a
814a 819a 823a 828a
847a 852a 856a 901a
920a 925a 929a 934a
953a 958a 1002a 1009a
1026a 1031a 1035a 1042a
1059a 1104a 1108a 1115a
1132a 1137a 1141a 1148a
1205p 1210p 1214p 1221p
1238p 1243p 1247p 1254p
111p 116p 120p 127p
144p 149p 153p 200p
217p 222p 226p 233p
250p 255p 259p 306p
323p 328p 332p 339p
356p 401p 405p 412p
429p 434p 438p 445p
503p 508p 511p 515p
535p 540p 543p 547p
608p 613p 616p 620p
641p 646p 649p 653p
714p 719p 722p 726p
747p 752p 755p 759p
820p 825p 828p 832p
853p 858p 901p 905p
922p 927p 930p 934p
ROUTE 102 - MAIKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU     Effective 6/2/24
SATURDAY:  Westbound to Makiki
Westbound Destination Sign:  102 MAKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU
Ala Moana Ctr Keeaumoku Keeaumoku Nehoa
Keeaumoku King Wilder Lewalani
(#760) (#2085) (#2088) (#2094)
..... ..... K 701a 705a
722a 727a 730a 734a
755a 800a 803a 807a
828a 833a 836a 840a
901a 906a 909a 913a
934a 939a 942a 946a
1009a 1014a 1017a 1021a
1042a 1048a 1051a 1055a
1115a 1121a 1124a 1128a
1148a 1154a 1157a 1201p
1221p 1227p 1230p 1234p
1254p 100p 103p 107p
127p 133p 136p 140p
200p 206p 209p 213p
233p 239p 242p 246p
306p 312p 315p 319p
339p 345p 348p 353p
412p 418p 421p 426p
445p 451p 454p 459p
515p 521p 524p 529p
547p 553p 556p 601p
620p 626p 629p 634p
653p 659p 702p 707p
726p 732p 735p 739p
759p 804p 807p 811p
832p 837p 840p 844p
905p 910p 913p 917p
K - Begins at Keeaumoku opposite Kaihee (Makiki District Park)
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.