ROUTE 102 - MAIKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU     Effective 6/2/24
STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound to Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Sign:  102 ALA MOANA CENTER
Nehoa Keeaumoku Keeaumoku Ala Moana
Lewalani Wilder King Center
(#2094) (#4692) (#818) (#760)
607a 612a 615a 619a
640a 645a 648a 652a
713a 718a 721a 726a
746a 753a 756a 801a
819a 824a 827a 832a
852a 857a 900a 905a
925a 930a 933a 938a
958a 1003a 1006a 1013a
1031a 1036a 1039a 1046a
1104a 1109a 1112a 1119a
1137a 1142a 1145a 1152a
1210p 1215p 1218p 1225p
1243p 1248p 1251p 1258p
116p 121p 124p 131p
149p 154p 157p 204p
222p 230p 233p 240p
255p 300p 303p 310p
328p 333p 336p 343p
401p 406p 409p 416p
434p 439p 442p 449p
507p 512p 515p 522p
540p 545p 548p 553p
613p 618p 621p 626p
646p 651p 654p 659p
719p 724p 727p 732p
752p 757p 800p 805p
825p 830p 833p 838p
858p 903p 906p 911p
924p 929p 932p 937p
ROUTE 102 - MAIKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU     Effective 6/2/24
STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound to Makiki
Westbound Destination Sign:  102 MAKIKI VIA KEEAUMOKU
Ala Moana Ctr Keeaumoku Keeaumoku Nehoa
Keeaumoku King Wilder Lewalani
(#760) (#2085) (#2088) (#2094)
..... ..... K 601a 605a
619a 624a 627a 631a
652a 657a 700a 704a
726a 731a 734a 738a
801a 806a 809a 813a
832a 837a 840a 844a
905a 911a 914a 918a
938a 944a 947a 951a
1013a 1019a 1022a 1026a
1046a 1052a 1055a 1059a
1119a 1125a 1128a 1132a
1152a 1158a 1201p 1205p
1225p 1231p 1234p 1238p
1258p 104p 107p 111p
131p 137p 140p 145p
204p 210p 214p 219p
240p 246p 250p 255p
310p 316p 320p 324p
343p 349p 353p 357p
416p 422p 426p 430p
449p 455p 459p 503p
522p 528p 532p 536p
553p 559p 603p 607p
626p 632p 635p 639p
659p 705p 708p 712p
732p 737p 740p 744p
805p 810p 813p 817p
838p 843p 846p 850p
911p 916p 919p 923p
K - Begins at Keeaumoku opposite Kaihee (Makiki District Park)
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.