ROUTE 11 MAKALAPA - HALAWA - AIEA HEIGHTS     Effective 3/3/24
SUNDAY:  Westbound to Aiea Heights SUNDAY:  Eastbound to Honolulu
Westbound Destination Sign:  11 HALAWA AIEA HEIGHTS Eastbound Destination Sign:  11 ALAPAI TRANSIT CENTER
Alapai Beretania King Vineyard Kam Hwy Kahuapaani Aiea Hts  Kaonohi opp Kaonohi opp Aiea Hts  Kahuapaani Kam Hwy Vineyard King Alapai
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Beretania Palama Radford Mananai Moanalua Moanalua Lp Moanalua Lp Moanalua Mananai Radford Palama Beretania Transit Ctr
(#2288) (#45) (#440) (#739) (#3349) (#3803) (#1878) (#977) (#977) (#1928) (#2569) (#699) (#740) (#591) (#1003)
750a 752a 756a 800a 807a 813a 820a 834a 655a 708a 717a 725a 733a 736a 747a
850a 852a 856a 900a 907a 913a 920a 934a 755a 808a 817a 825a 833a 836a 847a
950a 952a 956a 1000a 1007a 1013a 1020a 1034a 850a 903a 912a 920a 928a 931a 942a
1050a 1052a 1056a 1100a 1107a 1113a 1120a 1134a 950a 1003a 1012a 1020a 1028a 1031a 1042a
1150a 1152a 1156a 1200p 1207p 1213p 1220p 1234p 1050a 1103a 1112a 1120a 1128a 1131a 1142a
1250p 1252p 1256p 100p 107p 113p 120p 134p 1150a 1203p 1212p 1220p 1228p 1231p 1242p
150p 152p 156p 200p 207p 213p 220p 234p 1250p 103p 112p 120p 128p 131p 142p
250p 252p 256p 300p 307p 313p 320p 334p 150p 203p 212p 220p 228p 231p 242p
350p 352p 356p 400p 407p 413p 420p 434p 250p 303p 312p 320p 328p 331p 342p
507p 509p 513p 517p 524p 530p 537p 551p 350p 403p 412p 420p 428p 431p 442p
625p 627p 631p 635p 642p 648p 655p P 709p 455p 508p 517p 525p 533p 536p 547p
710p 712p 716p 720p 727p 733p 740p P 754p 605p 618p 627p 635p 643p 646p 657p
Route 11 Symbols
P - Ends at Pali Momi/Kam 3-6 minutes later
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.