ROUTE 151 CHINATOWN - KUAKINI - KAULUWELA        Effective 6/2/24
Eastbound Destination Sign to River/Vineyard:  151 Chinatown - Halewaiolu
Westbound Destination Sign to Kuakini/Huli:  151 Chinatown - Kuakini
River King Kuakini River
Vineyard Beretania Huli Vineyard
(#4756) (#52) (#4760) (#4756)
500a 506a 514a 519a
530a 536a 544a 549a
600a 610a 617a 624a
630a 640a 647a 654a
700a 710a 717a 724a
730a 740a 747a 754a
800a 810a 817a 824a
830a 840a 847a 854a
900a 910a 917a 924a
930a 940a 947a 954a
1000a 1010a 1017a 1024a
1030a 1040a 1047a 1054a
1100a 1110a 1117a 1124a
1130a 1140a 1147a 1154a
1200p 1210p 1217p 1224p
1230p 1240p 1247p 1254p
100p 110p 117p 124p
130p 140p 147p 154p
200p 210p 217p 224p
230p 240p 247p 254p
300p 310p 317p 324p
330p 340p 347p 354p
400p 411p 421p 428p
430p 441p 451p 458p
500p 511p 521p 528p
530p 541p 551p 558p
600p 608p 616p 622p
630p 638p 646p 652p
700p 708p 716p 722p
730p 738p 746p 752p
Route will provide service Monday through Sunday   
from Halewaiolu Senior Residences on River Street
through Chinatown, Kuakini and Kauluwela.
This service will be implemented when Halewaiolu Senior 
Residences is operational. 
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.