ROUTE 151 CHINATOWN - KUAKINI - KAULUWELA        Effective 6/2/24
Eastbound Destination Sign to River/Vineyard:  151 Chinatown - Halewaiolu
Westbound Destination Sign to Kuakini/Huli:  151 Chinatown - Kuakini
River King Kuakini River
Vineyard Beretania Huli Vineyard
(#4756) (#52) (#4760) (#4756)
500a 506a 517a 523a
530a 536a 547a 553a
600a 609a 618a 623a
630a 639a 648a 653a
700a 709a 718a 723a
730a 739a 748a 753a
800a 809a 818a 823a
830a 839a 848a 853a
900a 909a 918a 923a
930a 939a 948a 953a
1000a 1009a 1018a 1023a
1030a 1039a 1048a 1053a
1100a 1109a 1118a 1123a
1130a 1139a 1148a 1153a
1200p 1209p 1218p 1223p
1230p 1239p 1248p 1253p
100p 109p 118p 123p
130p 139p 148p 153p
200p 209p 218p 223p
230p 239p 248p 253p
300p 309p 318p 323p
330p 339p 348p 353p
400p 408p 414p 419p
430p 438p 444p 449p
500p 508p 514p 519p
530p 538p 544p 549p
600p 608p 613p 618p
630p 638p 643p 648p
700p 708p 713p 718p
730p 738p 743p 748p
Route will provide service Monday through Sunday   
from Halewaiolu Senior Residences on River Street
through Chinatown, Kuakini and Kauluwela.
This service will be implemented when Halewaiolu Senior 
Residences is operational. 
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.