ROUTE 303 - Hickam - Airport - Kalihi Transit Center     Effective 6/2/24
SATURDAY:  To Kalihi Transit Center SATURDAY:  To Daniel K. Inouye International Airport/Hickam AFB
Eastbound Destination Sign: 303 KALIHI TRANSIT CENTER Westbound Destination Sign: 303 AIRPORT - HICKAM
Hickam O'Malley Blvd/ Rodgers Daniel K. Inouye Kalihi Kalihi Daniel K. Inouye Nimitz O'Malley Blvd/ Hickam
AMC Terminal Main Gate Nimitz Int'l Airport Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Int'l Airport Rodgers Mauka Main Gate AMC Terminal
(#934)   (#912) (#913) (#4523) (#4523) (#913) (#470)   (#934)
640a 648a 652a 654a 703a 615a 621a 625a 630a 640a
735a 743a 747a 749a 759a 710a 716a 720a 725a 735a
836a 844a 848a 850a 900a 810a 816a 821a 826a 836a
937a 945a 949a 951a 1001a 910a 916a 922a 927a 937a
1037a 1045a 1049a 1052a 1102a 1010a 1016a 1022a 1027a 1037a
1138a 1146a 1150a 1153a 1203p 1110a 1116a 1123a 1128a 1138a
1238p 1246p 1250p 1253p 103p 1210p 1216p 1223p 1228p 1238p
138p 146p 150p 153p 203p 110p 116p 123p 128p 138p
238p 246p 250p 253p 303p 210p 216p 223p 228p 238p
338p 346p 350p 353p 403p 310p 316p 323p 328p 338p
437p 445p 449p 451p 501p 410p 416p 422p 427p 437p
537p 545p 549p 551p 601p 510p 516p 522p 527p 537p
637p 645p 649p 651p 701p 610p 616p 622p 627p 637p
720p 728p 732p 734p 744p 720p 726p 732p 737p 747p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.