ROUTE 32 - KALIHI - PEARLRIDGE     Effective 6/2/24
STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound to Pearlridge STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound to Kalihi Transit Center
To Pearlridge: 32 FOSTER VILLAGE - PEARLRIDGE Eastbound Destination Sign:  32 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR
Kalihi Pukoloa Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Kam Hwy Kaonohi opp Kaonohi opp Kam Hwy Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Pukoloa Kalihi
Transit Ctr Mapunapuna Ala Lilikoi Wanaka Ala Oli Salt Lake Moanalua Lp Moanalua Lp Salt Lake Ala Oli Wanaka Ala Lilikoi Mapunapuna Transit Ctr
(#4523) (#2818) (#2924) (#2930) (#2942) (#2572) (#977) (#991) (#695) (#2963) (#2972) (#2977) (#2849) (#4523)
510a 516a 528a 531a 539a 549a 556a 605a 612a 617a 633a 637a 648a 651a
555a 601a 613a 616a 624a 634a 642a 700a 707a 712a 728a 732a 744a 748a
700a 706a 718a 721a 729a 739a 747a 800a 807a 813a 829a 833a 845a 849a
800a 807a 822a 825a 833a 843a 851a 900a 908a 914a 930a 934a 946a 950a
900a 907a 922a 925a 934a 944a 952a 1000a 1008a 1014a 1030a 1034a 1047a 1051a
1000a 1007a 1022a 1025a 1034a 1044a 1052a 1100a 1108a 1114a 1130a 1134a 1147a 1151a
1100a 1107a 1122a 1125a 1134a 1144a 1152a 1200p 1208p 1214p 1230p 1234p 1247p 1251p
1200p 1207p 1222p 1225p 1234p 1244p 1252p 100p 108p 114p 130p 134p 147p 151p
100p 107p 122p 125p 134p 144p 154p 200p 207p 213p 229p 233p 246p 250p
200p 207p 222p 225p 235p 245p 255p 300p 307p 313p 329p 333p 345p 349p
305p 312p 328p 331p 341p 351p 403p 410p 417p 423p 439p 443p 455p 459p
400p 407p 423p 426p 436p 446p 458p 510p 517p 522p 538p 542p 554p 558p
510p 517p 533p 536p 546p 556p 605p 610p 617p 622p 638p 642p 654p 658p
610p 616p 631p 634p 644p 654p 702p 710p 717p 722p 738p 742p 754p 758p
710p 716p 729p 732p 741p 751p 759p 805p 812p 817p 833p 837p 848p 852p
805p 811p 823p 826p 835p 844p 852p 900p 907p 912p 928p 932p 943p 947p
900p 906p 918p 921p 929p 937p P 947p ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
Route 32 Symbols
P - Ends at Pali Momi/Kamehameha Hwy
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.