ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU  - WAIAWA      Effective 6/2/24
WEEKDAY:  From/To West Loch Station/Waiawa
Destination Sign To Hoaeae West Loch Skyline Station:  43 HOAEAE WEST LOCH SKYLINE STATION
Destination Sign To Waiawa:  43 WAIAWA
Hoaeae West Waipahu Farrington Hwy/ Waipahu Hoaeae West
Loch Station Transit Ctr Opp Waiawa Transit Ctr Loch Station
(#4727) (#4421) (#493) (#4420) (#4727)
430a 442a 456a 508a 516a
450a 502a 516a 528a 536a
510a 522a 536a 548a 556a
530a 542a 556a 609a 618a
550a 602a 618a 631a 640a
610a 623a 641a 654a 703a
630a 646a 706a 721a 731a
650a 706a 726a 741a 751a
715a 731a 751a 806a 815a
740a 756a 812a 826a 835a
805a 819a 834a 848a 857a
825a 839a 854a 908a 917a
845a 859a 914a 928a 937a
905a 919a 934a 948a 957a
925a 939a 954a 1008a 1017a
945a 959a 1014a 1028a 1037a
1005a 1019a 1034a 1048a 1057a
1025a 1039a 1054a 1108a 1117a
1045a 1059a 1114a 1128a 1137a
1105a 1119a 1134a 1148a 1157a
1125a 1139a 1154a 1208p 1217p
1145a 1159a 1214p 1228p 1237p
1205p 1219p 1234p 1248p 1257p
1225p 1239p 1254p 108p 117p
1245p 1259p 114p 128p 137p
105p 119p 134p 148p 157p
125p 139p 154p 209p 219p
145p 159p 214p 229p 239p
205p 219p 234p 249p 259p
225p 239p 254p 308p 317p
245p 259p 314p 328p 337p
305p 319p 334p 348p 357p
325p 339p 354p 408p 417p
345p 359p 414p 428p 437p
405p 419p 434p 448p 457p
425p 439p 454p 508p 517p
445p 459p 514p 528p 537p
505p 519p 534p 548p 557p
525p 539p 554p 608p 617p
545p 559p 614p 628p 637p
605p 619p 634p 648p 657p
625p 639p 654p 708p 717p
645p 659p 714p 728p 736p
705p 719p 734p 746p 754p
725p 739p 754p 806p 814p
745p 759p 813p 825p 833p
805p 817p 831p 843p 851p
825p 837p 851p 903p 911p
845p 857p 911p 923p 931p
905p 917p 931p 943p 951p
930p 942p 956p 1008p 1016p
1000p 1012p 1026p 1038p 1046p
1100p 1112p 1124p 1136p 1144p
1200a 1212a 1224a 1236a 1244a
100a 112a 124a 136a 144a
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.
Note: Effective 6/2/24, Route 432 East-West Waipahu is discontinued.
Refer to new Route 43  Waipahu - Waiawa effective 6/2/24.