ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU  - WAIAWA      Effective 6/2/24
SATURDAY:  From/To West Loch Station/Waiawa
Destination Sign To Hoaeae West Loch Skyline Station:  43 HOAEAE WEST LOCH SKYLINE STATION
Destination Sign To Waiawa:  43 WAIAWA
Hoaeae West Waipahu Farrington Hwy/ Waipahu Hoaeae West
Loch Station Transit Ctr Opp Waiawa Transit Ctr Loch Station
(#4727) (#4421) (#493) (#4420) (#4727)
430a 440a 454a 506a 515a
500a 510a 524a 536a 545a
530a 540a 554a 606a 615a
600a 610a 624a 636a 645a
630a 640a 654a 706a 715a
700a 710a 724a 736a 745a
730a 740a 754a 806a 815a
800a 812a 826a 838a 847a
830a 842a 856a 908a 917a
900a 912a 926a 938a 947a
930a 942a 956a 1008a 1017a
1000a 1012a 1026a 1038a 1047a
1030a 1042a 1056a 1108a 1117a
1100a 1112a 1126a 1138a 1147a
1130a 1142a 1156a 1208p 1217p
1200p 1214p 1229p 1241p 1250p
1230p 1244p 1259p 111p 120p
100p 114p 129p 141p 150p
130p 144p 159p 211p 220p
200p 214p 229p 241p 250p
230p 244p 259p 311p 320p
300p 314p 329p 341p 350p
330p 344p 359p 411p 420p
400p 414p 429p 441p 450p
430p 444p 459p 511p 520p
500p 514p 529p 541p 550p
530p 544p 559p 611p 620p
600p 614p 629p 641p 650p
630p 642p 656p 708p 717p
700p 712p 726p 738p 747p
730p 742p 756p 808p 817p
800p 812p 826p 838p 846p
830p 842p 856p 908p 916p
900p 912p 924p 936p 944p
930p 942p 954p 1006p 1014p
1000p 1012p 1024p 1036p 1044p
1100p 1112p 1124p 1136p 1144p
1200a 1212a 1224a 1236a 1244a
100a 112a 124a 136a 144a
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.
Note: Effective 6/2/24, Route 432 East-West Waipahu is discontinued.
Refer to new Route 43  Waipahu - Waiawa effective 6/2/24.