ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU  - WAIAWA      Effective 6/2/24
STATE HOLIDAY:  From/To West Loch Station/Waiawa
Destination Sign To Hoaeae West Loch Skyline Station:  43 HOAEAE WEST LOCH SKYLINE STATION
Destination Sign To Waiawa:  43 WAIAWA
Hoaeae West Waipahu Farrington Hwy/ Waipahu Hoaeae West
Loch Station Transit Ctr Opp Waiawa Transit Ctr Loch Station
(#4727) (#4421) (#493) (#4420) (#4727)
430a 442a 456a 509a 518a
500a 512a 526a 539a 548a
530a 542a 556a 609a 618a
600a 612a 626a 639a 648a
630a 642a 656a 709a 718a
700a 712a 726a 739a 748a
730a 742a 756a 809a 818a
800a 814a 828a 841a 850a
830a 844a 858a 911a 920a
900a 914a 928a 941a 950a
930a 944a 958a 1011a 1020a
1000a 1014a 1028a 1041a 1050a
1030a 1044a 1058a 1111a 1120a
1100a 1114a 1128a 1141a 1150a
1130a 1144a 1158a 1211p 1220p
1200p 1214p 1228p 1241p 1250p
1230p 1244p 1258p 111p 120p
100p 114p 128p 141p 150p
130p 144p 158p 211p 220p
200p 214p 228p 241p 250p
230p 244p 258p 311p 320p
300p 314p 328p 341p 350p
330p 344p 358p 411p 420p
400p 414p 428p 441p 450p
430p 444p 458p 511p 520p
500p 514p 528p 541p 550p
530p 544p 558p 611p 620p
600p 614p 628p 641p 650p
630p 644p 658p 711p 720p
700p 714p 728p 741p 749p
730p 744p 758p 811p 819p
800p 812p 826p 839p 847p
830p 842p 856p 909p 917p
900p 912p 926p 939p 947p
930p 942p 956p 1009p 1017p
1000p 1012p 1026p 1039p 1047p
1100p 1112p 1124p 1137p 1145p
1200a 1212a 1224a 1237a 1245a
100a 112a 124a 137a 145a
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.
Note: Effective 6/2/24, Route 432 East-West Waipahu is discontinued.
Refer to new Route 43  Waipahu - Waiawa effective 6/2/24.