ROUTE 93 WAIANAE COAST EXPRESS        Effective 6/2/24
A.M. WEEKDAY:  To Downtown
Eastbound Destination Signs:  
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Makaha Valley Huipu Lawaia Waianae Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Vineyard Alapai Beretania
Farrington Hwy Kili Makau Transit Ctr St John's Nanakuli Laaloa Palama King Punchbowl
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445a 452a 501a 516a 521a 532a 539a 620a 633a 635a
500a 507a 516a 531a 536a 547a 554a 640a 653a 655a
515a 522a 531a 546a 551a 602a 609a 657a 715a 717a
530a 537a 546a 601a 606a 617a 624a 709a 729a 731a
550a 557a 606a 623a 628a 639a 646a 726a 746a 748a
610a 617a 626a 643a 648a 659a 706a 741a 801a 803a
635a 642a 651a 708a 713a 725a 732a 803a 818a 820a
ROUTE 93 WAIANAE COAST EXPRESS        Effective 6/2/24
P.M. WEEKDAY:  To Makaha
Westbound Destination Signs:  
To the Waianae Coast:  93 Express Makaha 
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Alapai Vineyard Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Waianae Lawaia Huipu
Transit Center Palama Laaloa Nanakuli St John's Transit Ctr Makau Kili
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440p 455p 538p 551p 603p 608p 627p 644p
505p 521p 559p 612p 624p 629p 647p 704p
530p 546p 621p 634p 646p 651p 709p 726p
600p 616p 650p 702p 714p 719p 737p 754p
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.