ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 3/3/24 ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 3/3/24
SUNDAY:  Eastbound from Pearl Harbor to Kaimuki SUNDAY:  Westbound from Kaimuki to Pearl Harbor
Eastbound Destination Signs Westbound Destination Signs 
To KCC-Alohea/Pokole:  9 Kaimuki KCC To Pearl Harbor:  9 Navy Nimitz Gate
To Alapai/King:  9 Alapai Transit Center To King/Beretania:  9 Aala Park
Center Nimitz/Rodgers Kam Hwy King King Kapiolani Kapiolani Kapiolani Waialae Alohea Alohea Koko Head Kapiolani Kapiolani Kapiolani Alapai Beretania King Kam Hwy Nimitz/Rodgers Kam Hwy Center
Nimitz Makai Middle Beretania Punchbowl Keeaumoku Kalakaua Waialae Koko Head Makapuu Makapuu Waialae Kaimuki Kalakaua Keeaumoku King Punchbowl Beretania Middle Mauka Radford Nimitz
(#3346) (#704) (#579) (#124) (#131) (#999) (#2991) (#2997) (#3078) (#3326) (#3326) (#3058)  (#3044) (#3052) (#986) (#181) (#45) (#52) (#453) (#470) (#699) (#3346)
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620a 630a 636a 645a 651a 656a 700a 707a 711a 718a 535a 544a 550a 556a 558a 604a 606a 613a 625a 631a 638a 641a
700a 710a 716a 725a 732a 738a 742a 749a 753a 800a 605a 614a 620a 626a 628a 634a 636a 643a 655a 701a 708a 711a
750a 800a 806a 815a 823a 829a 833a 841a 846a 853a 640a 649a 655a 701a 703a 709a 711a 719a 730a 736a 743a 746a
845a 855a 901a 911a 919a 925a 929a 937a 943a 950a 725a 734a 740a 747a 749a 755a 757a 806a 817a 823a 830a 833a
935a 945a 951a 1001a 1010a 1017a 1021a 1029a 1035a 1042a 810a 819a 826a 833a 835a 841a 843a 852a 903a 909a 916a 919a
1035a 1046a 1052a 1103a 1113a 1120a 1125a 1133a 1139a 1146a 905a 914a 922a 929a 931a 937a 939a 948a 959a 1005a 1012a 1015a
1135a 1146a 1152a 1203p 1213p 1220p 1225p 1234p 1240p 1247p 1000a 1010a 1018a 1026a 1028a 1035a 1038a 1048a 1100a 1106a 1114a 1117a
1235p 1247p 1253p 105p 115p 122p 127p 136p 143p 150p 1100a 1110a 1118a 1125a 1127a 1134a 1137a 1147a 1159a 1205p 1213p 1216p
135p 146p 153p 205p 213p 220p 225p 233p 239p 247p 1200p 1209p 1217p 1224p 1226p 1233p 1236p 1245p 1257p 103p 111p 114p
235p 246p 252p 304p 312p 319p 324p 333p 339p 346p NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA 100p 110p 118p 125p 127p 134p 137p 146p 157p 203p 210p 213p
335p 346p 352p 404p 412p 419p 424p 433p 440p 447p (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. 200p 210p 218p 226p 228p 235p 238p 247p 259p 305p 312p 315p
435p 447p 453p 504p 512p 518p 522p 531p 538p 545p Go to the HEA website at 300p 309p 317p 324p 326p 333p 335p 344p 356p 402p 409p 412p
535p 546p 552p 602p 610p 617p 622p 631p 637p 644p 400p 410p 418p 425p 427p 434p 436p 445p 456p 502p 509p 512p
630p 641p 647p 657p 704p 710p 714p 723p 729p 736p Schedule to change without notice. 500p 510p 518p 525p 527p 534p 536p 544p 555p 602p 609p 612p
730p 741p 747p 756p 803p 808p 812p 820p 825p 832p All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped. 600p 610p 617p 624p 626p 633p 635p 643p 654p 701p 708p 711p
820p 830p 836p 845p 851p 856p 900p 908p 913p 919p 700p 709p 715p 722p 724p 731p 733p 741p 752p 758p 804p 807p
910p 920p 926p 935p 941p 946p 950p 958p 1003p 1009p 750p 759p 804p 810p 812p 818p 820p 828p 839p 845p 851p 854p
840p 848p 853p 859p 901p 907p 909p 916p 926p 931p 937p 940p
930p 937p 942p 948p 950p 956p 958p 1005p 1015p 1020p 1026p 1029p
1020p 1027p 1032p 1038p 1040p 1046p 1048p 1055p ..... ..... ..... .....